The One With Rachel’s Date

This episode had less funny moments and laughter, and instead focused on the softer, more humane side of the characters. Even though Friends is supposed to be a sitcom, I really enjoy episodes like this, even if it may have a bit more of a serious tone than usual. There was a storyline involving Monica’s new sous-chef Tim, Monica, and Phoebe, and another storyline with Chandler and his co-worker Bob, but the main focus was on Ross and Rachel and the effects that their new baby had on them.

On the set of Joey’s show Days of Our Lives, Rachel meets his co-actor Cash, who she’s had a crush on.

Cash and Rachel go out on a date, and Ross is surprised, confused, and upset by this. Joey asks him why he’s so affected by it, and Ross answers that he has to worry because Cash may be the father of Ross’ baby. Joey’s response to this is a notable running gag of the show, making fun of Ross’ failed marriages.

Joey: They go on one date and you’re worried about them getting married? He’s not you!

Ross and Joey talk about Ross’ feelings on everything that’s been happening to him. I love this scene because we get to see the real and genuine side of Ross. It’s different from the typical dorky, nerdy character that is usually portrayed. Viewers grow a feeling of sympathy for Ross. Although Ross’ marriages and divorces are often the subjects for humor, Ross is still a vulnerable human who has his own dreams and feelings.

Ross: I just can’t believe any of this is happening.
Joey: What do you mean?
Ross: I just thought when I had another kid it would be different. I love Ben, but every time I have to drop him off at Carol and Susan’s, it breaks my heart a little. I’ve always had this picture of me and my next wife in bed on Sunday, and my kid comes running in, leaps on the bed, and we all read the paper together. You know?
Joey: That’s a nice picture. Maybe you could still have that.
Ross: No, no, I can’t. I mean, Rachel’s out with some guy. My baby went with her. If anything, that picture keeps moving further away.
Joey: Can I ask you something? In this picture of you and your wife. Is your wife Rachel?
Ross: It used to be. Now she doesn’t really have a face.

Ross and Rachel run into each other on street after Rachel’s date, which didn’t go too well after Cash found out Rachel was pregnant. Rachel is depressed and Ross tries to cheer her up. This is a very sweet scene, and a classic Ross-and-Rachel moment. Also another great scene for showing Ross’ genuine side in the episode. By the way he talks to Rachel and cares for her, we can see that he will be with her through this entire pregnancy.

Ross: I’m sorry about your date.
Rachel: Oh, it’s all right. I guess I’m just done with the whole dating thing. It’s one more thing in my life that’s suddenly completely different. This is hard.
Ross: Yeah, I know. On the other hand, in about seven months, you’re gonna have something that you’re gonna love more than any guy you’ve ever gone out with. Just wait.. Wait until the first time your baby grabs your finger. You have no idea.

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After talking, Ross goes to the coffee shop and runs into Mona, the girl he met at Monica and Chandler’s wedding. They decide to hang out and go watch a movie.

Rachel sees the two of them together, and leaves with a sad look on her face.

The Ross and Rachel relationship is always so complicated and frustrating for fans. When Ross was thinking about getting together with Rachel, she was on a date. When Rachel goes back to Ross, he’s about to go on a date. Ross and Rachel left viewers thinking “Will they or won’t they?” all the way until the end of the series.


November 1, 2010. Episode 5, Season 8. 4 comments.