The One With The Stripper

The highlight of this episode was the appearance of recurring guest star Rob Leibman as Rachel’s father Dr. Leonard Green. Rachel is meeting her father to tell him about her pregnancy and asks Phoebe to come with her for support because he’s a scary man. At dinner, Rachel has a hard time telling him so Phoebe tells instead. Dr. Green assumes Rachel and Ross will marry and wants to know when the wedding will be. Rachel then lies saying Ross refuses to marry her because he thinks she is “damaged goods”.

All the scenes between Dr. Green, Rachel, and Phoebe at dinner are great, because the lines are hilarious and all three actors put on a fine performance. They show off their individual personalities and characters well, especially Rob Leibman. He plays the part of a mean, cranky, uptight, and strict man in an excellent manner.

Some of the best quotes between them were:

Dr. Green: How about I order everyone the Moroccan chicken?
Phoebe: Oh, I don’t eat meat.
Dr. Green: It’s chicken.
Phoebe: Yeah, I don’t eat that either.
Dr. Green:  I’ll never understand you lesbians.

Rachel: I can’t tell him, Phoebe. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.
Phoebe: Rachel!
Rachel: No it’s okay, this is what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna wait a couple years and then the baby will tell him.
Phoebe: Why, so he can get mad at the baby?
Rachel: Hey, that is the baby’s problem.

Dr. Green: So sweetie, you were starting to tell me, what is new with you.
Rachel: Well, uh… I got TiVo.
Dr. Green: What’s TiVo?
Phoebe: It’s slang for pregnant.

Dr. Green: So when is the wedding?
Rachel: The who?
Dr. Green: The wedding! There’s going to be a wedding. Young lady, don’t you sit there and tell me my first grandchild is going to be a bastard! Rachel Karen Green, tell me there is gonna be a wedding!
Rachel: February 2nd!

In another storyline of the episode, Chandler finds out that Monica actually had a bachelorette party when they promised they wouldn’t have a bachelor/bachelorette party. Monica feels bad so she throws Chandler a bachelor party by hiring a stripper for the night, much to Joey’s excitement. However, it turns out the stripper is actually a prostitute, and Chandler and Joey do not know what to do.

It had been a while since Joey and Chandler had a storyline together, so it was nice seeing the two of them as a duo again. All six main cast members have great chemistry with one another, but the Joey and Chandler pairing is my personal favorite. Ever since Chandler got married we mostly only saw him with Monica, so this episode was especially refreshing. Joey and Chandler’s scenes had a lot of funny and sweet moments.

Joey: Maybe Monica meant to get you a hooker.
Chandler: Why would she do that?
Joey: Maybe she wants you to learn something. Is there anything you’re really bad at, you know, sexually?
Chandler: This is the worst bachelor party ever.

Joey: Maybe you should just ask her to leave.
Chandler: Why me?
Joey: Hey, it’s your bachelor party.
Chandler: Which is why you should do it.
Joey: I don’t want to. You do it.
Chandler: You do it.
Joey: You do it.
Chandler: All right. Rock, paper, scissors, who has to tell the whore to leave!

I loved the ending scene of the episode. Joey never fails the audience!


November 21, 2010. Episode 8, Season 8.


  1. jordan replied:

    I really like the way you blog especially with the quotes added in! I have seen Friends a bunch of times and I agree, this is a great show with an excellent mix of characters! Phoebe and Joey are my favorite because they are the silliest and can get away with saying the most ridiculous things and can tie up any scene with ease and greatness. Excellent choice of show to watch and blog! I will continue to follow!

  2. Asia Rowe replied:

    Hey Rachel I can’t believe we picked the same appearance for our blogs ha but anyway, I have seen a couple of episodes of Friends in the past and it’s pretty funny. I didn’t watch season 8 because everybody was just hooking up with each other such as Chandler and Monica, Ross got Rachel pregnant but didn’t she start dating Joey? Anyway I couldn’t keep up with it but the whole “supposed to be stripper but really a prostitute” sounds hilarious!

  3. mguilbault replied:

    I agreeeeee I really like the way you blog too! I like the pictures and quotes. It’s a lot easier to read this way, separated, instead of just a chunk of writing. I love the tivo quote from phoebe haha I think she’s my favorite, but its hard to say, I’ve grown to love them all so much. But i mean, i’m random, and I like random, as you can see by my blog.. so phoebe is perfect for me.

  4. katiesorrels replied:

    I have to be honest, I’ve also never been a Dr.Green fan. When Rachel first joined the group she was even more pampered, selfish, and pompous than she is now and I largely blame that on her upbringing after seeing how her father acts in multiple episodes. He seems overly harsh and judgmental so I would do anything to avoid an unwed pregnancy talk with him. YIKES!

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