The One With The Halloween Party

In this episode, many of the devices and techniques of a sitcom were used. Because the main setting of the episode was taken at Monica and Chandler’s Halloween party, viewers were able to get good laughs through all the visual gags. The six friends dressed up as:

Monica – Catwoman
Rachel – “a woman who spent a lot of money on a dress because soon she won’t be able to fit into it”
Phoebe – Supergirl (female version of Superman)
Chandler – Bunny
Joey – Chandler
Ross – Spudnik

Chandler’s pink bunny suit and Ross’ insane Spudnik costume were clearly visual gags. Ross got the Spudnik idea from the Russian satellite Sputnik. He dressed up as a potato or a spud, and put an antenna on his head, which apparently led to Spudnik. Joey’s version of Chandler was absolutely hilarious, especially when he imitates Chandler’s facial expressions.

Watch this scene on video:

This episode had several dialogues and lines that were memorable, simply because they were so funny. Some of the ones that I especially liked were:

Joey: Halloween is so stupid. Dressing up, pretending to be someone you’re not.
Chandler: You’re an actor!

This one is funny because of the irony and once again, Joey’s stupidity is shown.

Chandler: Prove it!
Ross: Oh, I’ll prove it. I’ll prove it like a theorem.

Chandler: You’re going down.
Ross: Oh yeah? You’re going further down! Downtown!
Joey: Seriously guys, the trash talk is embarrassing.

Ross always gets the audience laughing through his lame lines. Ross is saying these things in a serious tone, but it’s hard to take him seriously.

The last two quotes are said when Ross and Chandler fight over who is stronger. They decide to arm wrestle but it turns out they are both equally strong (or equally weak, according to Joey) and neither can beat the other. Ross begs Chandler to lose on purpose so that Ross can impress Mona, the new girl he’s dating, and so Chandler does. However, when Chandler tries to tell Monica what really happened, she doesn’t believe him. Monica and Chandler arm wrestle and Monica easily beats Chandler, which makes it very comedic. It also adds to the character mix of role reversal in Monica and Chandler’s relationship, where female Monica is often the more dominant character than male Chandler.

Running gags were also present in this episode. Gunther is a sub-character who has secretly been in love with Rachel since the very beginning of the show. Sadly (but also funny at the same time), it was revealed that Rachel thinks Gunther is gay.

Rachel: Thank you so much for picking this up, you are so sweet.
Gunther: Really?
Rachel: Someday, you’re gonna make some man the luckiest guy in the world.

And yet again, Ross’ marriages and divorces were used as a running gag when he asks Chandler to lose on purpose while they’re arm wrestling.

Ross: This is starting to look really bad for me. Mona’s standing right over there. You gotta let me win!
Chandler: No if anything, you have to let me win! My wife thinks I’m a wimp.
Ross: Hey, at least you have a wife. I keep getting divorces, knocking people up..

In a side storyline, Phoebe’s identical twin sister Ursula is getting married. They don’t have a close relationship at all but she invites Phoebe to the wedding when they run into each other on the street. Phoebe also invites Ursula and her fiance to the Halloween party that night. Sean Penn guest stars as Ursula’s fiance Eric. Friends was well known for bringing in famous celebrity guest stars throughout its ten year run, including actors like Sean Penn.

Phoebe really likes Eric because Eric is a humanitarian like Phoebe, but finds out that Eric is marrying Ursula because he has all the wrong ideas about her. Ursula lied to him about being a teacher, joining the Peace Corps, building houses in Uruguay, not smoking, attending church group, and being a virgin. Phoebe feels so bad that in the end, she tells Eric the truth about Ursula.


November 9, 2010. Episode 6, Season 8.


  1. antonybui replied:

    Very nice post about the episode, I think I’ll take your idea of writing my favorite lines from the show in my posts. That Chandler clip made me laugh.

  2. katiesorrels replied:

    I have to be honest, I typically hate holiday or festive episodes of series. However, I actually thought this episode was entertaining. I think I really just like Friends and all of their costume were pretty interesting, which helped.

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