The One After “I Do”

The first episode of Season 8 starts right where the previous season’s finale left off at Monica and Chandler’s wedding. The two are now married and all the friends are celebrating. However, everyone mistakenly thinks that Monica is pregnant when in fact, it’s actually Rachel who is pregnant. Monica makes it clear to everyone that she is not pregnant, and Rachel finally confesses to Phoebe that she’s the one who’s actually pregnant. Monica ends up figuring out the truth too, and the two girls stick by Rachel and let her know that they will be there for her through everything. Rachel, although afraid at first of her pregnancy, becomes genuinely excited and happy about her new baby. The last scene where the three girls are hugging shows that Friends is a comedy that can also be very touching.

The other storyline of the episode focuses on Chandler and his shoes. Chandler had been taking dancing lessons to make his first dance with Monica as husband and wife perfect, but when they actually get on the dance floor, he keeps tripping because his new shoes are too slippery. He tries to borrow Joey’s shoes, but Joey’s feet are too small since he’s a size 7. Chandler doesn’t want to embarrass Monica, but she convinces him to dance anyway. The last moment is a hilarious scene as Chandler is about to fall, grabs Mrs. Gellar (Monica’s mom) for balance, and ends up pulling off her skirt.

My favorite quote of the episode was by Ross to Monica and Chandler after the wedding.

Ross: “I’m so happy for you guys. And you are both so lucky. I mean, you both said the right names.. And nobody was drunk.. Nobody was gay.. And on your first try!”

Ross makes fun of himself by referring to all his previous, failed marriages. His first wife Carol turned out to be a lesbian, he said the wrong name during his second wedding to Emily, and he was drunk when he got married to Rachel in Las Vegas. I always enjoy how the writers bring back old plot lines to the scripts to add to the comedy of the show.


September 27, 2010. Episode 1, Season 8.


  1. antonybui replied:

    I agree, it’s always great when writers show appreciation for a show’s long time fans and make jokes specifically for them. Great use of pictures to summarize the episode! Where did you find these?

    • rachel9kim replied:

      I captured the images myself. I’m not quite sure about all the legal rights, but I have all the episodes in my computer and DVD, so I thought, why not?

  2. modfamily replied:

    I love how you put the pictures in here. It makes me laugh without even watching the scene again. I think Phoebe was such an important character in this episode. She always takes the fall for her friends, and covers for them. I would be BFFS with her. It was also brilliant when she tricked Rachel by saying she’s not pregnant at first. It tricked the audience also and turned the scene around to make it really touching and sweet, rather than a disappointment.

  3. mguilbault replied:

    So you know what annoys me, is watching this show on tv. Whenever it’s on, i naturally want to watch it. but i’ve seen all of the episodes so many times that i know when they cut parts out for tv. i hate that. i thought of this cause the images you have up there are definitely of one of the clips that are cut out for broadcast. Is it sad that I know that? Probably. I will admit though, that it’s interesting how they write it where you can just take chunks out like that and it still makes sense. touche.

  4. katiesorrels replied:

    I also loved that there were so many different storylines going on but that they all intertwined well. A pregnancy AND a wedding! Crazy lies that just keep growing in order to hide who is pregnant, should make for some interesting and potentially awkward conversations.
    I was also so happy to see Monica and Chandler get married. I remember being kind of shocked when they first got together but then realizing that they were such a good fit and wanting them to work out. He balances out her neurotic tendencies and he can always make light of even the most awkward situations. Love them both and LOVE them even more together!

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