The One With The Rumor

This episode is one of my favorites of the season for several different reasons. First, it’s a Thanksgiving episode. I love holiday-themed episodes because it gives writers a chance to come up with something unique under a familiar territory. Friends has always had awesome Thanksgiving episodes, and this season’s was no exception.¬†Second, there are so many funny lines (literally, just about every single line made me laugh) it just reminds you once again what a great show Friends is. And finally, Brad Pitt guest stars in it. It was a big deal back in 2001 when it originally aired, not just because Brad Pitt is a huge star but also because as everyone knows, he and Jennifer Aniston were married in real life. Yes, they were Hollywood’s golden couple until Angelina decided to be a homewrecker and ruin everything. Sorry for all you Jolie fans out there, but I was always part of Team Aniston.

So getting back to the show, right from the opening scene, I was cracking up thanks to Joey –

It’s Thanksgiving and Monica invites Will Colbert (played by Brad Pitt), a high school friend, over for dinner. Will was supposedly really fat in high school but after heavy dieting, lost 150 pounds and now looks really good. When Monica tells Will that Rachel will be coming also, he gets very upset. Will absolutely hates Rachel because she was really mean to him in high school and made his life miserable. Rachel was the popular cheerleader and Will was the social reject. Rachel, however, doesn’t remember Will due to his change in appearance, and is completely shocked to find out that he started an “I Hate Rachel Green” Club at their high school with none other than Ross. It’s just an all-around hilarious storyline as it becomes revealed that Will and Ross started a nasty rumor about Rachel and what that rumor is about.

If you don’t want to read everything that I just wrote, please at least watch this clip! It explains what the “I Hate Rachel” Club is about and what the rumor Will and Ross spread about Rachel is. It’s so funny, you won’t regret watching it!

Some of my favorite quotes from this part of the episode were:

Monica: This is my husband Chandler. Chandler, this is Will.
Will: Hey.
Chandler: Oh, hey. I’d shake your hand but I’m really into the game. Plus I think it’d be better for my ego if we didn’t stand right next to each other.

: God, we were lame back then. Do you remember how into dinosaurs we were?
Ross: (Awkward laugh)
Will: So, what do you do now?
Ross: (Changing the subject) So how long are you in town?

Will: (To Ross) Look at her standing there with those yams. My two worst enemies, Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates.

Will: We started a rumor.
Rachel: What rumor?
Phoebe: Oh, come on Will. Just take off your shirt and tell us.

Rachel: Ross!
Ross: It’s no big deal. We.. We said that.. The rumor was that, um, you had both male and female reproductive parts.
Will: Ha!
Rachel: What?!
Will: That’s right! We said your parents flipped a coin and decided to raise you as a girl, but you still had a hint of a penis.

In another storyline of the episode, Monica announces that she won’t be cooking turkey for Thanksgiving dinner because Phoebe’s a vegetarian, Rachel can’t stand the smell since she’s pregnant, and Chandler hates Thanksgiving food. Joey, being an extreme glutton, argues that turkey is a must for Thanksgiving and she needs to cook it because he can eat the whole thing by himself. The turkey turns out to be huge but Joey somehow manages to finish it all by the end of the night. It’s a minor storyline compared to the main one with Brad Pitt, but Joey is always so funny and can pull anything off. That’s one of the reasons why he’s my favorite character!

This is a clip at the end of the episode when Joey wears Phoebe’s old maternity pants to help him out with the turkey.

Best quotes from this part of the episode:

Monica: Just so you know, I’m not gonna make a turkey this year.
Joey: Why not?!
Monica: Well, Phoebe doesn’t eat turkey..
Joey: Phoebe!!
Phoebe: Turkeys are beautiful, intelligent animals.
Joey: No, they’re not! They’re ugly.. and stupid.. and delicious!

Joey: (To Monica) That’s right! Cause I’m a Tribbiani! And this is what we do! I mean, we may not be great thinkers, or world leaders. We don’t read a lot or run very fast. But damn it, we can eat!

Monica: (To Joey who’s eating chips) Hey, what are you doing? You gotta save room, you’ve got almost an entire turkey to eat!
Joey: Let me explain to you how the human body works. I have to warm up my stomach first. Eatin’ chips, is like stretching.
Monica: Okay..
Joey: Don’t worry, Tribbianis never get full.
Will: I actually know what you’re talking about and I’m here to tell you something friend, you can eat and eat and eat but nothing will ever fill that void.

Thanks to all those who’s been reading and commenting on my posts. Hope you guys enjoyed it! I appreciate all the compliments ūüôā


November 28, 2010. Episode 9, Season 8. 2 comments.

The One With The Stripper

The highlight of this episode was the appearance of recurring guest star Rob Leibman as Rachel’s father Dr. Leonard Green.¬†Rachel is meeting her father to tell him about her pregnancy and asks Phoebe to come with her for support because he’s a scary man. At dinner, Rachel has a hard time telling him so Phoebe tells instead. Dr. Green assumes Rachel and Ross will marry and wants to know when the wedding will be. Rachel then lies saying Ross refuses to marry her because he thinks she is “damaged goods”.

All the scenes between Dr. Green, Rachel, and Phoebe at dinner are great, because the lines are hilarious and all three actors put on a fine performance. They show off their individual personalities and characters well, especially Rob Leibman. He plays the part of a mean, cranky, uptight, and strict man in an excellent manner.

Some of the best quotes between them were:

Dr. Green: How about I order everyone the Moroccan chicken?
Phoebe: Oh, I don’t eat meat.
Dr. Green: It’s chicken.
Phoebe: Yeah, I don’t eat that either.
Dr. Green: ¬†I’ll never understand you lesbians.

Rachel: I can’t tell him, Phoebe. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.
Phoebe: Rachel!
Rachel: No it’s okay, this is what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna wait a couple years and then the baby will tell him.
Phoebe: Why, so he can get mad at the baby?
Rachel: Hey, that is the baby’s problem.

Dr. Green: So sweetie, you were starting to tell me, what is new with you.
Rachel: Well, uh… I got TiVo.
Dr. Green: What’s TiVo?
Phoebe: It’s slang for pregnant.

Dr. Green: So when is the wedding?
Rachel: The who?
Dr. Green: The wedding! There’s going to be a wedding. Young lady, don’t you sit there and tell me my first grandchild is going to be a bastard! Rachel Karen Green, tell me there is gonna be a wedding!
Rachel: February 2nd!

In another storyline of the episode, Chandler finds out that Monica actually had a bachelorette party when they promised they wouldn’t have a bachelor/bachelorette party. Monica feels bad so she throws Chandler a bachelor party by hiring a stripper for the night, much to Joey’s excitement. However, it turns out the stripper is actually a prostitute, and Chandler and Joey do not know what to do.

It had been a while since Joey and Chandler had a storyline together, so it was nice seeing the two of them as a duo again. All six main cast members have great chemistry with one another, but the Joey and Chandler pairing is my personal favorite. Ever since Chandler got married we mostly only saw him with Monica, so this episode was especially refreshing. Joey and Chandler’s scenes had a lot of funny and sweet moments.

Joey: Maybe Monica meant to get you a hooker.
Chandler: Why would she do that?
Joey: Maybe she wants you to learn something. Is there anything you’re really bad at, you know, sexually?
Chandler: This is the worst bachelor party ever.

Joey: Maybe you should just ask her to leave.
Chandler: Why me?
Joey: Hey, it’s your bachelor party.
Chandler: Which is why you should do it.
Joey: I don’t want to. You do it.
Chandler: You do it.
Joey: You do it.
Chandler: All right. Rock, paper, scissors, who has to tell the whore to leave!

I loved the ending scene of the episode. Joey never fails the audience!

November 21, 2010. Episode 8, Season 8. 4 comments.

The One With The Stain

This was my least favorite episode of the season so far. The plot felt very forced and ridiculous, and a lot of the lines weren’t even that funny. It didn’t seem like an episode of Friends, where laughter usually comes naturally.

Monica’s character was so exaggerated in this episode, even more than usual, that it became annoying instead of comical. Chandler hires a maid to clean their apartment, who Monica thinks is stealing her clothes including her jeans and bra. Her suspicions get obsessive and she finds herself in some awkward positions when trying to check the stain on the jeans and a cut in the bra. The maid quits after seeing Monica’s weird and strange behavior. In turns out, Rachel had taken the jeans and Monica was wearing the bra herself. Monica was being suspicious toward an innocent person.

Sean Penn returns as Eric and his storyline continues from the previous episode. Eric has broken up with Ursula after learning about all her lies, and then asks Phoebe out right after. Phoebe happily says yes and the two meet for their first date. However,¬†Eric can’t look at Phoebe because it reminds him of Ursula and causes all his anger to come back. Eventually, he gets over this problem, but later on he accidentally sleeps with Ursula thinking that she’s Phoebe (since they’re identical twins). Phoebe and Eric’s storyline just¬†wasn’t entertaining and seemed very unrealistic.

Ross was the only bright part of this episode.¬†Rachel is looking for a new apartment to move to when the baby comes, and Ross suggests that she move to his building where an apartment just became vacant because an old lady had died that morning. He’s especially excited because now he’ll be able to spend a lot of time with the baby. However, it turns out the old lady is still alive, just in a critical condition. Her daughter is taking care of her, and it’s revealed that they are Dutch. Ross visits the apartment frequently and tries to learn Dutch so that he can get the apartment for Rachel. Ross’ efforts are simply hilarious. Props to David Schwimmer for practically saving this episode with his amazing comedic performance!

This is a clip of Ross and Gunther speaking in Dutch to each other:

November 14, 2010. Episode 7, Season 8. 3 comments.

The One With The Halloween Party

In this episode, many of the devices and techniques of a sitcom were used. Because the main setting of the episode was taken at Monica and Chandler’s Halloween party, viewers were able to get good laughs through all the visual gags. The six friends dressed up as:

Monica – Catwoman
Rachel – “a woman who spent a lot of money on a dress because soon she won’t be able to fit into it”
Phoebe – Supergirl (female version of Superman)
Chandler – Bunny
Joey – Chandler
Ross – Spudnik

Chandler’s pink bunny suit and Ross’ insane Spudnik costume were clearly visual gags. Ross got the Spudnik idea from the Russian satellite Sputnik. He dressed up as a potato or a spud, and put an antenna on his head, which apparently led to Spudnik. Joey’s version of Chandler was absolutely hilarious, especially when he imitates Chandler’s facial expressions.

Watch this scene on video:

This episode had several dialogues and lines that were memorable, simply because they were so funny. Some of the ones that I especially liked were:

Joey: Halloween is so stupid. Dressing up, pretending to be someone you’re not.
Chandler: You’re an actor!

This one is funny because of the irony and once again, Joey’s stupidity is shown.

Chandler: Prove it!
Ross: Oh, I’ll prove it. I’ll prove it like a theorem.

Chandler: You’re going down.
Ross: Oh yeah? You’re going further down! Downtown!
Joey: Seriously guys, the trash talk is embarrassing.

Ross always gets the audience laughing through his lame lines. Ross is saying these things in a serious tone, but it’s hard to take him seriously.

The last two quotes are said when Ross and Chandler fight over who is stronger. They decide to arm wrestle but it turns out they are both equally strong (or equally weak, according to Joey) and neither can beat the other. Ross begs Chandler to lose on purpose so that Ross can impress Mona, the new girl he’s dating, and so Chandler does. However, when Chandler tries to tell Monica what really happened, she doesn’t believe him. Monica and Chandler arm wrestle and Monica easily beats Chandler, which makes it very comedic. It also adds to the character mix of role reversal in Monica and Chandler’s relationship, where female Monica is often the more dominant character than male Chandler.

Running gags were also present in this episode. Gunther is a sub-character who has secretly been in love with Rachel since the very beginning of the show. Sadly (but also funny at the same time), it was revealed that Rachel thinks Gunther is gay.

Rachel: Thank you so much for picking this up, you are so sweet.
Gunther: Really?
Rachel: Someday, you’re gonna make some man the luckiest guy in the world.

And yet again, Ross’ marriages and divorces were used as a running gag when he asks Chandler to lose on purpose while they’re arm wrestling.

Ross: This is starting to look really bad for me. Mona’s standing right over there. You gotta let me win!
Chandler: No if anything, you have to let me win! My wife thinks I’m a wimp.
Ross: Hey, at least you have a wife. I keep getting divorces, knocking people up..

In a side storyline, Phoebe’s identical twin sister Ursula is getting married. They don’t have a close relationship at all but she invites Phoebe to the wedding when they run into each other on the street. Phoebe also¬†invites Ursula and her fiance to the Halloween party that night. Sean Penn guest stars as Ursula’s fiance Eric. Friends was well known for bringing in famous celebrity guest stars throughout its ten year run, including actors like Sean Penn.

Phoebe really likes Eric because Eric is a humanitarian like Phoebe, but finds out that Eric is marrying Ursula because he has all the wrong ideas about her. Ursula lied to him about being a teacher, joining the Peace Corps, building houses in Uruguay, not smoking, attending church group, and being a virgin. Phoebe feels so bad that in the end, she tells Eric the truth about Ursula.

November 9, 2010. Episode 6, Season 8. 2 comments.

The One With Rachel’s Date

This episode had less funny moments and laughter, and instead focused on the softer, more humane side of the characters. Even though Friends is supposed to be a sitcom, I really enjoy episodes like this, even if it may have a bit more of a serious tone than usual. There was a storyline involving Monica’s new sous-chef Tim, Monica, and Phoebe, and another storyline with Chandler and his co-worker Bob, but the main focus was on Ross and Rachel and the effects that their new baby had on them.

On the set of Joey’s show Days of Our Lives, Rachel meets his co-actor Cash, who she’s had a crush on.

Cash and Rachel go out on a date, and Ross is surprised, confused, and upset by this. Joey asks him why he’s so affected by it, and Ross answers that he has to worry because Cash may be the father of Ross’ baby. Joey’s response to this is a notable running gag of the show, making fun of Ross’ failed marriages.

Joey: They go on one date and you’re worried about them getting married? He’s not¬†you!

Ross and Joey talk about Ross’ feelings on everything that’s been happening to him. I love this scene because we get to see the real and genuine side of Ross. It’s different from the typical dorky, nerdy character that is usually portrayed. Viewers grow a feeling of sympathy for Ross. Although Ross’ marriages and divorces are often the subjects for humor, Ross is still a vulnerable human who has his own dreams and feelings.

Ross: I just can’t believe any of this is happening.
Joey: What do you mean?
Ross: I just thought when I had another kid it would be different. I love Ben, but every time I have to drop him off at Carol and Susan’s, it breaks my heart a little. I’ve always had this picture of me and my next wife in bed on Sunday, and my kid comes running in, leaps on the bed, and we all read the paper together. You know?
Joey: That’s a nice picture. Maybe you could still have that.
Ross: No, no, I can’t. I mean, Rachel’s out with some guy. My baby went with her. If anything, that picture keeps moving further away.
Joey: Can I ask you something? In this picture of you and your wife. Is your wife Rachel?
Ross: It used to be. Now she doesn’t really have a face.

Ross and Rachel run into each other on street after Rachel’s date, which didn’t go too well after Cash found out Rachel was pregnant. Rachel is depressed and Ross tries to cheer her up. This is a very sweet scene, and a classic Ross-and-Rachel moment. Also another great scene for showing Ross’ genuine side in the episode. By the way he talks to Rachel and cares for her, we can see that he will be with her through this entire pregnancy.

Ross: I’m sorry about your date.
Rachel: Oh, it’s all right. I guess I’m just done with the whole dating thing. It’s one more thing in my life that’s suddenly completely different. This is hard.
Ross: Yeah, I know. On the other hand, in about seven months, you’re gonna have something that you’re gonna love more than any guy you’ve ever gone out with. Just wait.. Wait until the first time your baby grabs your finger. You have no idea.

Watch this scene on video:

After talking, Ross goes to the coffee shop and runs into Mona, the girl he met at Monica and Chandler’s wedding. They decide to hang out and go watch a movie.

Rachel sees the two of them together, and leaves with a sad look on her face.

The Ross and Rachel relationship is always so complicated and frustrating for fans. When Ross was thinking about getting together with Rachel, she was on a date. When Rachel goes back to Ross, he’s about to go on a date. Ross and Rachel left viewers thinking “Will they or won’t they?” all the way until the end of the series.

November 1, 2010. Episode 5, Season 8. 4 comments.

The One With The Videotape

This episode focused on one major plot. Many¬†episodes of Friends usually have two or three different stories going on, but this particular one mainly revolved around Ross and Rachel. There was a minor subplot going on with Monica and Chandler, but it wasn’t too critical or dramatic. Basically, Monica and Chandler had met a couple while they were on their honeymoon named Greg and Jenny, who also lived in New York. Monica and Chandler absolutely love them and are excitedly trying to call them up to set a date to meet, but realize they had received a fake number. They try to figure out why Greg and Jenny would do such a thing, and Monica blames it on Chandler and his bad jokes while Chandler thinks it’s because of Monica’s annoying questions. Once again, this is character emphasis. Monica is obsessive and often wants to know everything about everyone, and Chandler always makes bad jokes that aren’t funny to others. It’s interesting to note, however, that Chandler’s bad jokes and other characters’ negative reactions toward them is what actually makes it really funny and a comedy for the viewers.

So now that everyone knows about Ross and Rachel and the pregnancy, they want to know how it came to happen. Ross and Rachel disagree over “who came on to who first”, each insisting it was the other person. All the other friends believe Rachel over Ross.

It turns out Ross has the whole thing on videotape, and the story goes back to six weeks earlier, when Ross went to Joey for a problem: that he hasn’t had sex in six months.

Joey tells Ross of a story to use that he made up himself. It’s supposed to be so romantic that it’ll get any woman to sleep with him. The story begins with “Years ago, when I was backpacking across Western Europe..” and it’s so general and plain, but the way Joey recites it is hilarious. Ross decides to tell this story to his date that night, with hopes that it’ll work, but it ends up failing completely because the the woman keeps interrupting Ross.

Watch these hilarious scenes on video:

Joey tells Ross that he must not be delivering the story correctly, and tells him to record himself on videotape to try to see what he’s doing wrong. When Ross begins recording, Rachel comes in the room all of a sudden, and that happened to be the night they had sex, which is how Ross had it on tape.

Ross gives the tape to Rachel for her to destroy, but when she’s about to do it, all the friends stop her because they want to know the truth about “who came on to who”. This is a great moment because of the perfect timing when all of them jump up at the same time to protest. It shows how the ensemble works so well together.

So they watch the tape, just the beginning part, to see who really initiated it. Ross and Rachel are both confident that they will prove the other wrong. Then in the videotape, Rachel starts saying, “Did I ever tell you about the time that I went backpacking across Western Europe?” and this is huge twist and also the big moment of the episode. All the other characters and the viewers now know that it was Rachel who came on to Ross first, since she tried to use the Europe story. The question that was introduced in the beginning is finally answered at the end.

Rachel is totally shocked because she didn’t think everyone else would know about the Europe story, since she heard it from her friend Irene, who heard it from some guy named Ken Adams. Turns out, Ken Adams was actually Joey. This is another great¬†twist to surprise the viewers and make the storyline so clever.

This was an especially awesome episode of Friends. All the events and details managed to merge together and all went back to the videotape. The script and lines were fantastically written.

Something else that I really enjoyed about this episode was that Rachel was finally proved wrong. Most of the time in Ross and Rachel’s relationship, Rachel is always portrayed as being better than Ross, and it always seems like she thinks she’s superior over him. It adds to her spoiled and sometimes selfish character. Rachel gets her way all the time, and it was nice to finally see Ross be the correct one.

October 24, 2010. Episode 4, Season 8. 3 comments.

The One Where Rachel Tells…

Monica and Chandler are at the airport, getting ready to go on their honeymoon. Another newlywed couple also on their honeymoon that’s standing in the ticketing line ahead of them gets bumped up to first class, courtesy of the airline. Monica and Chandler tells the worker that they, too, are on their honeymoon, but those seats were the last ones remaining. Monica tries to get into the first class lounge anyway, but gets kicked out. When Monica and Chandler arrive at the hotel, they realize that the same newlywed couple is also there, and they had just gotten the honeymoon suite, courtesy of the hotel. This really infuriates Monica and she yells at the couple for screwing her over all day and getting free stuff, although it’s not exactly the couple’s fault.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the writers of Friends do a great job of emphasizing characterization in each episode. Once again, Monica’s obsessive and compulsive nature is shown through this storyline. This personality makes her very loud often times, and even in this episode she ends up creating conflict and screaming at the couple who were innocent and did no wrong. She gets hot-tempered when she’s angry, and is unable to think things through. However, Courteney Cox plays this side of Monica brilliantly and it adds to the comical touch of the show.

Meanwhile, Rachel gets ready to tell Ross that she’s having his baby, but Ross mistakenly thinks that Rachel wants to start a relationship with him again. When she finally tells him that she’s pregnant and he’s the father, Ross is completely surprised, shocked, and taken back. David Schwimmer does an amazing job in this scene. During just one minute, Schwimmer brings out numerous facial expressions that perfectly describe¬†Ross’ current condition.

Watch this scene in video:

In the end, Ross calms down and goes to Rachel at the gynecologist’s office. He tells her he’ll be with her through the whole process, and the two see their baby for the first time through a sonogram. This is a very heart-warming and touching moment, and a nice way to close the episode. It shows that Friends isn’t just about being funny all the time, but it really touches on the special relationships these characters have with one another.¬†It’s especially meaningful that Ross and Rachel are about to have a baby together, because they are the core couple and their storyline was a central to the show as a whole throughout the ten years it ran. This baby set a whole new level for the relationship between Ross and Rachel, and it really got viewers excited to see what’s in store for them in the future episodes. This was probably the reason for the immense popularity of the eighth season.

October 10, 2010. Episode 3, Season 8. 5 comments.

The One With The Red Sweater

In This Episode..

Monica and Chandler’s wedding is now over and the friends are checking out of the hotel. Monica realizes that she is no longer a bride and becomes depressed. Chandler promises her that he will develop the pictures from the disposable cameras they took at the wedding so that she can look at them and cheer up. However, Chandler has misplaced the cameras somewhere and cannot find them. He and Ross decide to go to a stranger’s wedding at the same place and take pictures, making it look like it’s Monica and Chandler’s. He even kisses the stranger bride for a photo of him and “Monica”.

Monica, on the other hand, is back at home and struggling with the temptation to open all the wedding presents. She is unable to control herself and ends up opening all the presents without Chandler. When Chandler returns, he becomes angry, but the two decide to call it even since Monica knows the pictures are not real and Chandler had kissed another woman for the fake photos.

Meanwhile, Rachel gets ready to tell the father of her baby that she’s pregnant, and the friends are still curious as to who the father is. Joey realizes he saw a guy with Rachel in their apartment about a month ago, but he didn’t get to see his face. He remembers that the guy left a red sweater, and the friends think it belongs to Tag (Rachel’s ex-boyfriend). However, it turns out Tag just has the exact same sweater, and he’s not the father. The mystery is finally solved at the very end of the episode when the red sweater is revealed to be Ross’, and therefore he is the father of Rachel’s baby.


One of the things that makes Friends such an awesome show is the incredible acting done by the actors. In this clip, for example, Joey’s facial expression of complete surprise and his “OH MY GOD!” are just perfect for the scene. It takes him extra time to figure it all out compared to Monica and Phoebe, which also describes his character well (a little slow, not as bright or intelligent).

What They Do Well

Every episode of¬†Friends does a great job on adding elements that accurately portray each unique character. In this particular episode, Joey had ordered porn and watched it in all the friends’ hotel rooms, which shows his immature side. But his loyalty is also shown when he proposes to Phoebe because he think she’s pregnant and wants to be there for her. This is a nice, touching moment in the midst of all the comedy. Although a very hilarious character, Joey can be serious at times, too.

Monica’s obsessive personality is also well illustrated. When she becomes hooked on something, she cannot let it ago and often gives in to her temptations. Even in this episode, she cannot refrain herself from opening all the present and ultimately ends up opening every single present without Chandler. The writers show Monica’s weaknesses and the “messy” side of her character through this storyline.

October 3, 2010. Episode 2, Season 8. 4 comments.

The One After ‚ÄúI Do‚ÄĚ

The first episode of Season 8 starts right where the previous season’s finale left off at Monica and Chandler’s wedding. The two are now married and all the friends are celebrating. However, everyone mistakenly thinks that Monica is pregnant when in fact, it’s actually Rachel who is pregnant. Monica makes it clear to everyone that she is not pregnant, and Rachel finally confesses to Phoebe that she’s the one who’s actually pregnant. Monica ends up figuring out the truth too, and the two girls stick by Rachel and let her know that they will be there for her through everything. Rachel, although afraid at first of her pregnancy, becomes genuinely excited and happy about her new baby. The last scene where the three girls are hugging shows that Friends is a comedy that can also be very touching.

The other storyline of the episode focuses on Chandler and his shoes. Chandler had been taking dancing lessons to make his first dance with Monica as husband and wife perfect, but when they actually get on the dance floor, he keeps tripping because his new shoes are too slippery. He tries to borrow Joey’s shoes, but Joey’s feet are too small since he’s a size 7. Chandler doesn’t want to embarrass Monica, but she convinces him to dance anyway. The last moment is a hilarious scene as Chandler is about to fall, grabs Mrs. Gellar (Monica’s mom) for balance, and ends up pulling off her skirt.

My favorite quote of the episode was by Ross to Monica and Chandler after the wedding.

Ross: “I’m so happy for you guys. And you are both so lucky. I mean, you both said the right names.. And nobody was drunk.. Nobody was gay.. And on your first try!”

Ross makes fun of himself by referring to all his previous, failed marriages. His first wife Carol turned out to be a lesbian, he said the wrong name during his second wedding to Emily, and he was drunk when he got married to Rachel in Las Vegas. I always enjoy how the writers bring back old plot lines to the scripts to add to the comedy of the show.

September 27, 2010. Episode 1, Season 8. 5 comments.

Welcome To Central Perk!

Hey! My name is Rachel Kim and I will be doing my comedy blog on Season 8 of the hit TV show Friends. This season ran from September 2001 to May 2002, and was the most watched season of the series, garnering an average of 24.5 million viewers. The show also won the Emmy Award during the season for Outstanding Comedy Series.

Friends was an NBC comedy show created and produced by David Crane, Marta Kauffman, and Kevin S. Bright. The six leading cast members are Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, Courteney Cox Arquette as Monica Geller, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, and David Schwimmer as Ross Geller.

Friends features a close-knit group of six friends, three female and three male, who live in Manhattan, New York. It follows their lives and involves stories on their various relationships, jobs, problems, etc. Throughout all the ups and downs, the six friends are always there for each other and the show highlights their tight and strong friendship.

The finale episode of the previous Season 7 included the wedding of Monica and Chandler. Phoebe finds a pregnancy test and everyone assumes that Monica is pregnant, but Monica denies this. Rachel, however, looks very worried and the camera zooms in on her teary-eyed face in the last scene, hinting that she might be the one who’s actually pregnant. The season ends leaving the audience wondering whether Rachel¬†is¬†in fact, pregnant, and if she is, who the father of the baby is. The premiere episode of Season 8 picks right back up from where it last left off, at the scene of Monica and Chandler’s wedding.

Season 8 Opening Credits:

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